All-girl teen coding team develops app that rates restaurants on COVID-19 safety

Austa Somvichian-Clausen, writer at the Hill, covers this story regarding the team that developed an app and won first place under the youth team category in the MIT Hackathon. The full article was originally published October 2nd, 2020 on the Diversity + Inclusion section of The Hill’s Changing America Blog.

App promo reading Be Full Be Safe  See how well restaurants are protecting YOU from Covid

The tech-savvy Gen Z, having grown up in the digital age, has continuously contributed towards progress of the field. The coronavirus pandemic has posed a new set of challenges that this generation is now attempting to solve. One way is through building mobile applications.

An all-girl coding team of five – Anuhea Tao, Athena Jiang-Qin, Elsa Bosemark, Luna Jiang-Qin and Selene Jiang-Qin, recently won the youth category first prize in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s App Inventor Hackathon.

The award winning app was developed and inspired from challenges faced during the pandemic. The application, called Small Bites, was conceived with the purpose of “finding restaurants dedicated to keeping customers and employees safe from COVID-19”.

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