Our Manifesto

All girls have a right to be part of the innovation economy.

Diversity in tech is ultimately an economic issue: companies perform better and even thrive with a more diverse workforce, and more women in tech can address the industry’s workforce shortage.

Technology is a creative skill. It conveys the right to create and requires technical skill channeled by vision, creativity and an understanding of the world around us. Girls should be embraced as valuable creative contributors.

Girls learn differently. Science proves that engaging girls early and with different instruction enables them to prosper in technology. Instead of forcing girls into accepted methods of technology instruction, we are redesigning how technology is taught to girls.

Community is critical. Leading by example allows girls to visualize their Path through technology and identify mentors – both male and female. We will work diligently to expand and connect this community on behalf of girls.

Technology is more than coding. There are an infinite number of tech-related fields and careers – those like farming that can be advanced through an understanding of technology, or video game and software development that require marketers and designers to thrive. All perspectives help to advance technology as a discipline.

It takes a community. No one person or group can offer a total solution to solve the gender gap in tech. We must all work together towards the common goal.

The Path is worthwhile. While the obstacles to becoming a woman in tech – and then remaining a woman in tech – are innumerable, the journey is an important one that is ultimately fulfilling to both the individual and the larger community. We will continue to inform, educate and champion this Path to help make it easier on every girl that sets out upon it.