5,837 Cups of Coffee Add Up to One Big Donation for TechGirlz

September has been a great month for TechGirlz, all because of 5,837 cups of coffee—and tea—that were purchased at Whole Foods in July.

That’s a lot of coffee! And at a price of 25 cents a cup, all those drinks added up to a terrific donation for our group.

Earlier this month, TechGirlz founder Tracey Welson-Rossman accepted a check for $1,459.25 from Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown. The store’s Coffee for a Cause program raised over $16,000 for local non-profits, and we feel very lucky to share a part of that.

In fact, we’re already using the money to help us bring exciting, educational workshops to teen girls in Philadelphia. Check out our events page and feel free to get your own teenage daughter, niece or granddaughter involved.

Thank you to Whole Foods and to all the coffee and tea drinkers who contributed to our fantastic cause!