2019 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for the TechGirl in Your Life

It seems like it was yesterday we were writing our gift guide for 2018. Where did the year go? Our last two editions of the Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Girls seemed to be a hit. Even after the holidays, the posts are still viewed, but it is not a surprise to our team. With more and more parents wanting to have their daughters learn about STEM, finding fun and educational resources is not always easy.

This year, along with the TechGirlz staff, we decided to check with our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) members for ideas.

We hope this will help you with your holiday shopping and help the TechGirl in your life become more confident and curious about STEM. Look for the (*) near the technology listed below that TechGirlz has free curriculum for.

Let’s start with ideas for our youngest TechGirlz:
Young girl playing with SmartGurlz toys

For the rest of our TechGirlz, there are robotic kits:
The red Edison V2 Robot

And Coding and Computer kits:
MicroBit pieces

There are Engineering and Science Kits:
Engineering kit pieces out of the box

Some art kits, that rely on technology:
3D pen creating a scaffold structure.

  • Wacom Pen and Tablets– it’s a pen and tablet set, the pen is a stylist and you can use it to write on the tablet and this shows up on the laptop, it’s a way to draw on a laptop, which is usually difficult
  • 3D Printer Pen– Uses filament to print things from a hand-held and guided pen. You can find different brands of these pens in craft stores and more.

And sometimes it is good to remember there are paper books to help guide their way to tech:
Code Like a Girl book cover

Of course we have to give a little shout out to ourselves:
Water bottles, bags and tshirt with TechGirlz Logo

Have a Happy Holiday season! Do you have other tech toy ideas to share with the TechGirlz community? Tweet us @TechGirlzorg!