10/10/2020 Cybersecurity Basics: How to Manage Cyber Risks Virtual TechShop Recap

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch

Screenshot of 4 young women smiling during a Zoom call

We all depend on digital information, but data can be stolen, corrupted, or made unavailable. Understanding how to mitigate cyber threats is a critical part of staying safe online. That’s why TechGirlz offers workshop plans on “Cybersecurity Basics: How To Manage Cyber Risks,” which focuses on ways to protect computer systems & networks and resources for keeping data secure.

Radhika, a TechGirlz volunteer, assisted in this virtual TechShop on October 10th. Though Radhika hadn’t helped with this topic before, she has long recognized the importance of internet safety. For additional background information, she also researched computer networks and explored common cyber risks.

Radhika notes that cyber threats are fairly common and made sure to emphasize that point during the lesson.

“The activity displayed a live counter of the number of [cyber] attacks that were happening in the moment. Seeing the girls engaged as they excitedly watched the counter increase and made predictions of the total number of attacks that occur in a day showed how interested they were in the subject,” Radhika explains.

A screenshot of the workshop material with the young women participating via Zoom

As a high school student, Radhika is a frequent technology user. She appreciates how technology can help bring people together, though she always takes extra precautions to stay safe online.

For anyone leading this TechShop in the future, Radhika recommends stressing the prevalence of cyber attacks and allowing girls to share personal experiences. By bringing this information to light, students can better understand the gravity of cyber threats.

“During the workshop, I learned a lot from hearing the girls’ stories about cyber attacks they or their family members had experienced. It put into perspective just how prevalent cyber attacks truly are. It was great to hear from the girls about their personal experiences regarding this subject,” she says.

Though cybersecurity is a serious topic, Radhika had fun working with the students and her fellow instructors during the workshop. By understanding how to manage cyber risks, girls can safely explore the possibilities of technology and empower their future careers.

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