07/20/2020 Designing Mobile Apps Virtual TechShop Recap

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch

Screen shot of 5 women in a zoom video call

Leading an online workshop may sound challenging, though first-time instructor Lasya Reddy found the experience rewarding and collaborative. Lasya, a rising high school senior, led a virtual TechShop called “Designing Mobile Apps” on July 20th. She initially learned about app design in a computer science class and enjoyed sharing her knowledge with TechShop attendees.

In this TechShop, Lasya guided students through the process of designing an app prototype to benefit a specific type of user. Students used the Marvel app to create their prototypes. Though Lasya was new to Marvel, she found the app easy to learn, noting that it offers a thorough tutorial.

“Despite having some trouble learning the app online, the girls quickly picked up how to use the app and began showing other girls how to use the features, too,” Lasya says.

Lasya’s favorite part of the TechShop was hearing students’ creative app ideas.

“It was great to see how thorough the girls were in their brainstorming process, making sure their app was something they enjoyed making. Each one of their ideas were unique and interesting,” Lasya explains.

Lasya, who hopes to pursue a degree in computer science, recognizes the benefits of learning how apps are made and why they include certain features.

“Because almost all of us use apps every day, this workshop is beneficial in showing the girls how apps come to be. It is important that they know the process of creating an app, and realize that there are multiple steps to take before the finished product,” Lasya notes.

Since Lasya led this TechShop online, she sometimes found it challenging to make sure all girls were using the app correctly. However, students did a great job of notifying her and the teaching assistants whenever they had questions.

Her main piece of advice is “just to always stay engaged with the girls and make sure they are on the same page with you.”

Overall, Lasya says she loved her experience as a first-time TechGirlz instructor.

“I was amazed to see so many girls show up to the session, and it was so interesting to see how excited the girls were about learning about technology,” she says.

Screenshot of a chat interface with compliments after class

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