07/19/2021 Lights, Camera, Action: Storytelling and Video Production TechShop Recap

By volunteer writer Amy Freeman

Pink graphic reading Lights, camera, action: storytelling and video production

Roblyn Theodorou believes that storytelling is the heart of communication. Without telling a story, how do you grab people’s attention and convince them of the value of what you’re saying?

During a recent Lights, Camera, Action: Storytelling and Video Production Virtual TechShop, hosted by Capgemini, Roblyn had the opportunity to share what she knows about storytelling with a new audience: middle school girls. Roblyn has given presentation trainings to adults in the past, but this was her first time working with middle schoolers and teaching video production.

Roblyn knows a lot about storytelling due to her work for Capgemini. She sells large strategic outsourcing deals and needs to use stories to engage her clients. She tells stories nearly every day using presentations and voice.

Since the workshop was virtual, participants came from all over the U.S. and around the world. One girl was located in Dubai. Roblyn was impressed by the girls’ grasp of the subject matter and their ability to hone in on multiple facets of recent stories.

Part of the workshop involved watching a clip of the recent commercial space launches. The girls discussed the trips to space, as well as the financial aspects involved in sending a rocket into orbit.

Although the workshop was mostly smooth sailing, Roblyn does have some tips for future instructors to help things along. She recommends doing the exercise in advance of the workshop, so it’s easier to explain nuances and points of subtlety.

She also stresses the importance of having the girls turn their cameras on during the workshop, to make everyone feel more involved and connected. To facilitate the sharing of work, she recommends finding a place for the girls to post their videos, as many are too large to email.

“As a woman in IT, it’s exciting to see the interest and capabilities our female middle schoolers have,” Roblyn says. “I look forward to all the great successes they will bring to our world!”

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