06/18/2020 Computer programming with C++ TechShop Recap

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch

Screenshot of Zoom meeting with participants viewing a coding demo

In coming ninth-grader, Reeva Khokhar, is already well-versed in HTML, CSS, Python, Java, and C++. She loves the challenges inherent in programming and enjoys using her coding skills to help others.

Reeva developed her tech skills by attending TechGirlz workshops, though she quickly discovered that she had knowledge to share with her peers.

“I first joined as a student and then soon realized how much girls my age enjoyed learning about topics related to technology, and that’s when it struck me: why not help them by sharing the knowledge I already have,” Reeva explains.

That realization led Reeva to lead a virtual workshop called Computer Programming With C++. In this workshop, girls learnt basic programming concepts such as data types, arrays, and functions. They use input/output in the console to write simple programs and perform calculations.

Reeva was first drawn to C++ because of her interest in games and animation. The more she learned about the language, the more fascinated she became.

As a TechGirlz volunteer, Reeva enjoys sharing her passion for C++ with other girls in her age group. Her favorite part was teaching the syntax of the language.

“It was amazing to see them experimenting and trying to write the code themselves. C++ is definitely not a very beginner friendly language ー it is pretty high-level ー so seeing the girls continuously trying and not giving up was spectacular,” Reeva says.

Reeva notes that girls of various ages attended her virtual workshop, and she enjoyed witnessing the students’ different viewpoints and thought processes throughout the session. She emphasizes the fact that C++ syntax is complex and can be difficult to understand. For that reason, Reeva recommends that anyone leading this workshop go slowly and make sure the students have a thorough understanding of the code.

When Reeva isn’t leading workshops for TechGirlz, she loves learning about new programming opportunities online and playing badminton & soccer (as part of her school’s soccer team). For her next tech endeavor, Reeva would love to learn about machine learning and AI.

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