06/06/2018 Tell Your Story With Graphics TechShop Recap

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman

Eric Vo graduated from Temple University in 2017 and is a part of our continually growing TechGirlz volunteer community in Philadelphia, PA.

She'ron at work!

On June 6, Eric Vo, a recent graduate of Temple University, taught “Tell Your Story with Graphics” at the South Philadelphia Library. The goal of the workshop was into introduce students to infographics, common marketing techniques, and to help them choose tools to use to create infographics.

It was the second time that Eric taught the topic — the first time was in Fall of 2017, when he worked with one student who had an interest in Claymation. He has experience working on infographics himself, as in the past he’s created them for a non-profit organization.

His favorite part of teaching the workshop was witnessing the development of the student’s skills during the session. The student, She’ron, was a big fan of X-men and wanted to create an infographic about Jean Grey, demonstrating why the character is inspiring.

During the workshop, she came up with a list of adjectives that describe Jean Grey as well as scenarios to support the adjectives. Eric noted that he learned something from She’ron during the workshop, that before he never really stopped to consider the little details, such as voice and body language that makes each person unique. He thought that She’ron did a great job of understanding Jean Grey, ultimately creating an infographic that brings her story to life.

Eric earned a BS from Temple in Information Science and Technology and is about to start working with TD Bank in Mount Laurel as a Tech Associate. He wants to learn as much as he can about technology and aims to become a full-stack developer who’s familiar with DevOps and Tech Architecture Engineering. One day, he hopes to build a social media platform for dogs, unless someone else beats him to it.

Looking ahead, Eric hopes to continue to share his love of technology with Techgirlz and with students in middle and high school. He felt that both he and She’ron learned a lot from each other during the workshop and he looks forward to what Techgirlz has to offer in the future.

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