01/29/2022 Data Privacy: How to Protect Your Personal Information TechShop Recap

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Nearly all of us have shared personal data online, whether through social media or registering for a service. But how can we keep this information secure and control how it’s used?

This vital topic is explored through the Data Privacy: How To Protect Your Personal Information TechShop. Students learn the basics of web security, network security, and social media privacy. The workshop offers hands-on activities related to network packet analysis, personal information requests, and more.

Arun Mamgai, a TechGirlz volunteer instructor, led this TechShop virtually on January 29, 2022. Though Arun hasn’t taught this workshop before, he has more than a decade of experience in this area. He got his start in data privacy by working with a large media & broadcasting company. Arun has 17 years of experience in the tech industry, with a focus on solving business and data problems for global organizations.

Arun says interacting with students was his favorite part of the TechShop, and he was impressed by their active participation. He notes that many girls already knew a lot about data privacy.

For anyone leading this TechShop in the future, Arun recommends focusing on hands-on activities. One option is to provide a pre-workshop assignment, which would generate excitement and offer a topic for discussion. Adding an “agenda” slide to the presentation could also help set the stage for the workshop.

Arun decided to get involved with TechGirlz because he believes girls are “natural born leaders” and wants to increase the number of women in tech.

“[TechGirlz] helps me to connect with the younger generation and learn from them. It also provides me an opportunity to serve the community and build future leaders,” Arun says.

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