Inspiring girls to explore the possibilities of technology

What Is TechGirlz

TechGirlz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations, by focusing on girls at the crucial middle school age. We offer free workshops to get girls interested in different kinds of technology, show them varied career options, and connect them with professionals in technology fields.

Why We Exist

There's more to tech careers than just coding. We're here to show middle school girls just that. Through our free hands-on TechShopz, we show them that technology can match their interests and be fun and rewarding.

Our Impact

10,000+ girls attended our free TechShopz
81% of girls changed their mind about a tech career after a TechShop
Hundreds of volunteers are running TechShopz globally

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Media & Production

Fashion Technology TechGirlz

Fashion Technology

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From the TechGirlz Blog

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman The mission of TechGirlz is to "inspire middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers." One way to see that inspiration in action is to look at what many TechGirlz decide to do once they graduate from the program. Many, such as Lindsey Davis, remained involved with TechGirlz. They join the Teen Advisory Board and serve as TAs during workshops. Lindsey is 17 and a member of the Teen Advisory Board. She recently lead the Designing Mobile Apps workshop in Bryn Mawr. She was familiar with the topic…

Michelle Caffrey, a reporter for the Philadelphia Business Journal, covered the news regarding the acquisition of TechGirlz by Creating IT Futures. The article discusses the uniqueness of this nonprofit acquisition and how the future is looking bright with both organizations working under the same umbrella. The full story was originally published March 6, 2019 in the Industries & Topics: Technology section of the Philadelphia Business Journal. View the original article here. You don't see deals like TechGirlz and CompTIA's often, nonprofit consultant Don Kligerman said. A well-known organization in Philadelphia’s tech world is being bought by a leading name in…

By Sarah Johnson, Volunteer and former TechGirlz Teen Advisory Board Member My name is Sarah Johnson, and I am a former TechGirlz student volunteer and the recipient of a Creating IT Futures Foundation grant. Like many of you, I was thrilled by the news that Creating IT Futures was acquiring TechGirlz and excited to see what the two organizations could achieve together. But I was blown away when TechGirlz founder and CEO Tracey Welson-Rossman suggested that I interview her and Creating IT Futures CEO Charles Eaton about their plans for the future. I originally learned about TechGirlz and its mission…

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