Alicia Park

Alicia Park

Staff- Curriculum & Outreach

Alicia is an experienced educator, with a strong passion for Ed Tech, STEAM and inspiring young girls to explore the possibilities of working with technology. She focuses her time on developing curriculum for TechGirlz (TechShopz in a Box), coordinating the TechGirlz blog and becoming involved in community outreach opportunities for the non-profit. In addition, she also utilizes her educational background for Independent Educational Consulting services, such as online ESL tutoring and in-person tutoring of all subjects.

Alicia has always enjoyed self learning new technologies and instilling them into her lessons. In October 2015, a friend told her about a meetup in Philly hosted by a nonprofit, TechGirlz, and thought it would be of great interest to her. Alicia attended and immediately felt a strong connection towards the mission and soon after began to use her skills to aide in updating current workshops, attending new TechShopz and writing the corresponding curriculum, so they could be taught by future instructors. The rest is history and she’s been devoted to helping to support the TechGirlz mission ever since.

Alicia has a BA from Holy Family University, with a dual certification in Elementary/Special Education. When she’s not attending a TechShop, Alicia can be found running races in the NJ and PA area with her husband or walking her dog, Dottie, by the river.

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