Inspiring Girls Through Tech: The Bresslergroup Participates in the March 3rd TechGirlz 10k Celebrations

March 14, 2018

The Bresslergroup is a research-driven product development firm in downtown Philadelphia, PA. This article shares with readers a recap of the TechGirlz March 3rd- 10,000 Girlz Celebration event the group held in Philadelphia. They talk about the importance of organizations like TechGirlz that help to improve the gender gap in the tech field and the fun time had by both instructors and girls at the event. The full article was originally published March 07, 2018 on the Bresslergroup blog. When Lynne Robinson took her first programming class in high school in the late ’90s, she was the only girl who…

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Inspiring Success- TechGirlz Celebrates 10,000 Girls and Counting

March 13, 2018

Michelle Lange, a writer and designer living in Chicago, contributes to the Inspiring Success - Creating IT Futures blog. This article shares with readers a recap of the TechGirlz March 3rd- 10,000 Girlz Celebration events held in Chicago. The full article was originally published March 08, 2018 on the Creating IT Futures blog. TechGirlz has helped thousands of girls get interested in technology — 10,000 to be exact, a milestone the organization celebrated in last Saturday [March 3] by holding 10 TechShopz events across the country. In Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, Trisha Rogers led a class on HTML and CSS coding…

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20,000 More Girls in Tech

March 5, 2018

Milestones matter. They help us center ourselves in relation to the world around us and provide goals for which to aim. A driver’s license for a teenager. A one year anniversary for newlyweds. The first dollar in sales for a mom and pop business. I had a goal in mind when I founded TechGirlz roughly seven years ago with a vision to nurture a love for technology amongst middle school girls and as part of my broader personal mission to help financially empower women through technology. 10,000 girls. It was crazy and so far out there I didn’t spend too…

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TechGirlz Featured on Mommy Nearest’s List of 9 STEM-Themed Programs for Kids in Philly

February 20, 2018

Kristen Micucci is a Philadelphia mom and blog contributor for Mommy Nearest, a website/app where parents can take the guesswork out of parenting. You can read articles and reviews from local parents and find activities around the city for your children to participate in. In her recent article, Kristen talks about STEM-Themed programs for children in the city and TechGirlz makes the list! The full article was originally published February 02, 2018 in the Philadelphia section of Whether kids know it or not, they're surrounded by STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). They're building the "most perfect tower" with…

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Myth Busters: 10 Myths About Girls and Tech

February 9, 2018

How TechGirlz Served 10,000 Girls in Spite of Them Written by Tracey Welson-Rossman, TechGirlz Founder/CEO Commonly held misperceptions have a way of becoming gospel. However, even inaccurate statements - like the advice to wait 30 minutes before swimming after eating - can lead to helpful correlations between food and exercise in our brains. Other times, they can become embedded biases or assumptions that lead us to poor decisions and outcomes. When talking about girls and tech, I’ve found the latter to be the case too many times to count. Myths about girls and technology are lazy and misinformed, and -…

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