Inspiring girls to explore the possibilities of technology

What Is TechGirlz

TechGirlz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations, by focusing on girls at the crucial middle school age. We offer free workshops to get girls interested in different kinds of technology, show them varied career options, and connect them with professionals in technology fields.

Why We Exist

There's more to tech careers than just coding. We're here to show middle school girls just that. Through our free hands-on TechShopz, we show them that technology can match their interests and be fun and rewarding.

Our Impact

5000+ girls attended our free TechShopz
81% of girls changed their mind about a tech career after a TechShop
Hundreds of volunteers are running TechShopz globally

Circuits & Hardware TechGirlz

Circuits & Hardware

Media Editing TechGirlz

Media & Production

Fashion Technology TechGirlz

Fashion Technology

Cybersecurity TechGirlz


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From the TechGirlz Blog

The Bresslergroup is a research-driven product development firm in downtown Philadelphia, PA. This article shares with readers a recap of the TechGirlz March 3rd- 10,000 Girlz Celebration event the group held in Philadelphia. They talk about the importance of organizations like TechGirlz that help to improve the gender gap in the tech field and the fun time had by both instructors and girls at the event. The full article was originally published March 07, 2018 on the Bresslergroup blog. When Lynne Robinson took her first programming class in high school in the late ’90s, she was the only girl who…

Michelle Lange, a writer and designer living in Chicago, contributes to the Inspiring Success - Creating IT Futures blog. This article shares with readers a recap of the TechGirlz March 3rd- 10,000 Girlz Celebration events held in Chicago. The full article was originally published March 08, 2018 on the Creating IT Futures blog. TechGirlz has helped thousands of girls get interested in technology — 10,000 to be exact, a milestone the organization celebrated in last Saturday [March 3] by holding 10 TechShopz events across the country. In Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, Trisha Rogers led a class on HTML and CSS coding…

Written by volunteer Alison Perch At TechGirlz, we believe technology is a creative skill. Tech is more than just coding, and there are an infinite number of tech-related fields and careers. Grete Miller, a TechGirlz volunteer and creative professional, fully embodies this idea. Grete started out with an interest in musical theater and film, and she eventually developed a passion for producing and development. She has explored many creative avenues over the years, including stage managing, technical design, and film production. Grete’s interests in art and technology led to her current role at Shutterstock, an agency that provides royalty-free images,…

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