Make Your Own Electronic Monster Toy with Arduino

Join us November 10 for a post-Halloween monster class, where you’ll get to create your own electronic monster toy.

Monsters made with Arduino

Using a technology called Arduino, you’ll have a chance to take arts and crafts to the next level. Arduino is an open-source microcontroller/circuit board that was designed by artists for other artists and designers to use. It can be used in all sorts of e-crafts, electronic clothing, robotics and more.

Read more about Arduino at Skillcrush or Wired. This is an exciting technology that’s accessible to everyone. And you’ll get to learn about it with TechGirlz for free!

We’ll start off the workshop by explaining basic electricity concepts and demonstrating examples of how simple manipulations with electric circuits can lay foundation for interesting art projects, like electronic toys, glow in the dark clothing and other cool technology that uses circuits in everyday life.

After that, you will use what you’ve learned to create your own electronic monster, connect the electrical components and watch your toy come to life—with eyes or other parts that light up or blink. Supplies will be provided (fabric cutouts, conductive thread, circuits, etc). All you have to do is show up with your imagination ready to go!

This workshop is part of NSF grant program that encourages communities to conduct educational workshops around e-textile projects.You can learn more about the program by visiting

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  2. Boisao

    That’s cool although I would argue that you don’t need to do CreativeJS to get somheting out of this course! It’s a great chance to play, experiment, and see coding in a new light. But if I don’t get to TO, can you get to NYC?


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