Volunteer Spotlight

06/02/2018 A Day in the Life of a Web Designer TechShop Recap

July 10, 2018

Written by volunteer instructor Mary Liu and volunteer writer Amy Freeman I first heard about TechGirlz from someone at the Association for Computing Machinery's Council on Women (ACM-W), which inspired me to get in touch with Rebecca Crites and Eric Vo, who lead the program at Temple University. I then served as a TA during a Microsoft Touch Develop workshop and eventually taught several other workshops, including A Day in the Life of a Web Designer. I didn't think that I wanted to be a teacher before I began volunteering with TechGirlz. I've now realized that teaching is something I…

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05/31 Make a Website Using HTML/CSS Workshop Recap

July 2, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman Jamal Cromity, a user experience designer at Optum, got his first taste of running a TechGirlz workshop on May 31 when he assisted at the Make a Website Using HTML/CSS workshop. During the workshop, girls learned the basics of HTML and CSS to create websites. They created a custom website using templates, a text editor, and a web browser. Although Jamal has helped out with similar programs in the past, it was the first time that he volunteered at a coding workshop designed specifically for girls. He said that he hopes Optum will continue…

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ORNL & the Team Behind the ‘Artificial Intelligence: How Computers Learn’ TechShop

June 26, 2018

Written by volunteer Alison Perch Running a new TechShop topic is never a solo endeavor. It takes many volunteers to prepare the curriculum and share their expertise with middle school girls. Volunteers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in East Tennessee recognize that leading TechShopz is a team effort. In particular, the Women in Computing (WiC) group at ORNL has come together to teach girls about machine learning, text mining, and other topics related to computer science. ORNL performs world-class research in a variety of scientific disciplines, including high-performance computing. WiC is a networking group at ORNL that aims to…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Deirdre Clarke

June 15, 2018

Written by volunteer Alison Perch Though TechGirlz was founded in Philadelphia, volunteers can share our curriculum and spread our mission from anywhere in the world. One example is a dedicated community of TechGirlz volunteers in the Triangle region of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). Deirdre Clarke, who has worked in the software industry for many years, brought TechGirlz curriculum to the Triangle. When Deirdre’s daughter enrolled in North Carolina State University as an engineering major, Deirdre learned a troubling statistic. During orientation, the university announced that only 12% of the graduating computer science class was female. “It bugged…

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05/23 Designing Mobile Apps TechShop Recap

June 7, 2018

Written by volunteer instructor Vinessia Hankins Vinessia Hankins works for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc. and is a part of our continually growing TechGirlz volunteer community in Raleigh, North Carolina. The workshop ‘Designing Mobile Apps’ has definitely become one of my favorites offered by TechGirlz. I initially served as a TA (teaching assistant) when I was first introduced to this particular workshop, but I quickly realized that I could and wanted to host this workshop again to even more girls because I understood not only the importance of ‘design thinking’, but also the fact that anyone, not just ‘techies’ would…

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