What Do We Do?

Tech Girlz is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls understand that a future in technology does not necessarily equate to ‘a boring computer job,’ but instead transcends the cubicle into nearly every field imaginable. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Technology events
  • Classes, programs, and projects
  • Peers, mentors, and role models
  • Online and offline resources

Did You Know?

Startling research shows that although there are many tech-savvy young girls in America, many are opting out of pursuing a career in technology, making women the minority in the IT field.

That’s why TechGirlz is here to inspire young women to shatter the statistics! Check out some of the free, hands-on workshops we offer for girls here:

Upcoming TechShopz

Get Involved!

TechGirlz hosts and promotes a variety of events for young women in tech. Are you interested in running your own? If you’d like to volunteer with us, click here for more information, or contact us today. We welcome all questions, comments, and feedback!

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