We put all types of tech in the hands of middle school girls through our free, project-based workshops.

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TechGirlz empowers middle school girls to become tomorrow's technology leaders​​. We put tech directly in ​their ​hands through our free, project based workshops, and aim to eliminate the gender gap by sparking a passion for tech early​ in girls' lives. ​ ​ ​

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About the Author: Rachel Wolf, Peace Corps Volunteer I am a Peace Corps Response Volunteer working as a Capacity Building and Youth Program Consultant for Helping Hand for one year. I’m from Colorado, but spent the past two years in Peace Corps in El Salvador, then continued on with Peace Corps Response in Georgia. I’m working with the NGO to grow their organizational capacity, develop new youth programs and mobilize youth civic engagement. From October 26-30, ten young women from … read more

Since it’s been two years since we last did a survey, we decided it was, once again, time to take stock of how our program is impacting our girls. Since we’ve worked with more new – as well as returning – girls, and with all the media attention being paid to women in tech, we wanted to see what impact, if any, that discussion has had on our girls. We also wanted to get their feedback on the best ways … read more